(Re)inventing Collective Identities

Conference on Dust - an interdisciplinary conference on the film Dust was organized by the Philosophy Department and the Art and Communication Project at the Leipzig University, January 15-17, 2004


Participants and Titles (click on the title to download content)

Kollektive Identität - Oder: Wer sind wir? / Collective Identity - or: who are we? by Prof. Georg Meggle (Leipzig/Philosophie)

The Kinesthetic of Dust - The End of Drama by Prof. Andrija Dimitrijevich (Belgrad/Filmtheorie)

- Serbian version

The Living and the Dead - Masternarrative, Narrative Frames and Collective Identity in Dust/ Die Lebenden und die Toten - Meistererzählung, narrative Rahmenstruktur und Kollektive Identität in Dust by Beatrice Kobow (Leipzig/Philosophie-Filmtheorie)

Dust - Über Politik, Krieg und Film/ Dust - on Politics, War and Film by Dr. Iris Kronauer (Köln-Berlin/Geschichte)

A Shootist for VMRO - Eine zweifache Läuterung und eine Sünde/ A shootist for VMRO -
a Double Redemption and a Sin
by PD Nikolaos Psarros (Leipzig/Philosophie)

When A Story Hides the Story - Dust as a Form of Collective Rorschach Test by Erik Tängerstad (Lund/Geschichte-Filmtheorie)

Mental Maps. Identitätskonstruktionen in Raum und Zeit. / Mental Maps. Constructions
of Identity in Space and Time
by Dr. Claudia Weber (Leipzig/Geschichte)

Der 'Wilde Westen' des Balkans / The Wild West of the Balkans by Prof. Stilian Yotov (Sofia/Philosophie)

- German version

- Bulgarian version

De(constructing) Balkanism in the film Dust by Milcho Manchevski by Prof. Despina Angelovska (Skopje/Filmtheorie) - abstract

- French version (full version)

- Macedonian version (full version)

Balkan als Gewaltgeschichte? / Balkans as a history of violence? by Prof. Wolfgang Höpken (Leipzig/Geschichte)

(Re)inszenierung des Realen - Malerei und Film / (Re)Staging of the Real - Painting and Film by Ulrike Kremeier (Berlin-Leipzig/Kunstgeschichte)





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