There (exhibition of photographs) - Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 2020

Dreaming a Wu Yan Poem (exhibition of photographs),

     Xinhua Center, Shanghai, China 2017

Five Drops of Dream (exhibition of photographic compositions)

     Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow, Russia 2013

     Multumedia Museum, Moscow, Russia, 2013

     Mediterranean Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey, 2013

     Miyako Yoshinaga Art Prospects, New York, 2012

     Gliptoteka, HAZU, Zagreb, Croatia 2012

     Kulturni Centar Beograda, Serbia, 2012

     National Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012

     GRID Photo Biennal, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2011

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 2010

Brazil: a Photograph for the Future (a photograph in a group show), Antonia Jannone Gallery, Milan, 2010

Bitola (artwork in a retrospective), 2007

A Page Out of Order: M (dance by Yoshiko Chuma, incorporating a distillation of Before the Rain),

     Dance Theater Workshop, 2006

     La Mama, 2006

     Japan, 2006

     Lokomotiva, Macedonia, 2006

     Centrul National al Dansului, Romania, 2006

     Mabou Mines, 2005

     Bard College, 2005

Conceptual Discourse in Macedonian Visual Arts (8 artworks in a group show),

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 2003

Riddle (installation/performance/photographs), 2003

SCCA group show (photographs in a group show) SCCA

     Poland, 2001

     Bulgaria, 2000

     Macedonia, 2000

 Street (exhibition of photographs)

     Galerija Avla NLB, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2003

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2001-2002

     Espace Apollonia, Strasbourg, France, 2001

     Gliptoteka, HAZU, Zagreb, Croatia, 2001

     Naples, Italy, 2000

     Palermo, Italy, 2000

     Skulpturen Hus, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000

     Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 1999

1.74 (film-performance) A Room to Swing a Cat, Brooklyn, 1986

1.73 (film-performance) Split Film Festival, 1985

1.72 (film-performance) Belgrade Alternative, 1984

 1AM appearance art

     Dom na mladi, Skopje, Macedonia, 1984

     Dom na mladi, Skopje, Macedonia, 1983

How to Explain to a Live Rabbit the Joseph Beuys’ Work - How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare

     Skopje, Macedonia, 1984




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