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“Milcho, provocative as always, makes the most ingenious and tough comment on the information society.”

(O Que Tem na Nossa Estante)

“Film director-philosopher.”

(O Que Tem na Nossa Estante)

“We are invited to doubt everything we see.”

(Adoro Cinema)

“Bikini Moon is a critique of the ideological dictatorship of reality shows and documentaries.”


“Astonishingly brilliant.”

(Movie Gourmet)

“Provocative, multi-layered.”


“The viewer leaves the cinema both emotionally fulfilled and with a lot of food for thought.”


“Complex in its structure, experimental in its execution, this is poetic resistance to mass media cinema.”


“A brilliant auteur film… Positioned on the delicate line between fiction and documentary.”

(Cinema na Web)

‚Uncompromising, critical art… Disturbing.”

(Macedonian National Radio)

“Arresting meditation on the documentary filmmaking process… lively, thought-provoking Bikini Moon edges in and out of the experimental category. The film is smart with a cool New York irony”

(Hollywood Reporter)


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