Short forms, written and directed

The End of Time (experimental short), 2017

Buddies - Green Car (Skopsko beer, Pivara Skopje/Heineken/Coca Cola), 2015

Buddies - Filip (Skopsko beer, Pivara Skopje/Heineken/Coca Cola), 2015

Buddies - Race (Skopsko beer, Pivara Skopje/Heineken/Coca Cola), 2015

Thursday (Future Reloaded 70), Venice Film Festival, 2013

Macedonia Timeless - Mountain Sports/Villages (Tourist video for the Republic of Macedonia) 2010

Macedonia Timeless - Archeology (Tourist video for the Republic of Macedonia) 2009

Macedonia Timeless - Temples (Tourist video for the Republic of Macedonia) 2009

Macedonia Timeless (Tourist video for the Republic of Macedonia) 2009

Eden baknez (music video for Nina Spirova) 2007

Jungle Shadow (music video for Kiril) 2007

Shadows (trailer for feature film) 2007

ECU (video art for Kiril, 30 mins) 2002

Primitive Science (music video for Kiril) 2001

The Dead Are Waiting (music video for Kiril) 2001

Brothel Tango (music video for Kiril) 2001

Dust (trailer for feature film) 2001

Tradition (:90, :60, :30) 1999

This Generation (music video for Roachford) 1994

Before the Rain (trailer for feature film) 1994

Vive ma liberte (music video for Arno) 1993

Know Your Boots (point-of-purchase video for Buffalino) 1993

Know Your Boots (:30 spot for Buffalino shoes) 1993

You're Telling Me Stories (music video for Big Bub) 1992

Baby I believe in You (music video for George LaMond) 1992

You Ain't Thinking About Me (music video for Sonia Dada) 1992

Similak Child (music video for Black Sheep) 1992

Widowmaker (music video for Widowmaker) 1992

Never Saw a Miracle (music video for Curtis Stigers) 1992

I Don't Mind (music video for Big Bub) 1992

Just a Little Love (music video for Aurra) 1992

Just My Imagination (music video for 2 Too Many) 1992

Fakin' the Funk (music video for Main Source) 1992 (from the soundtrack of the film White Men Can't Jump)

Shine on (music video for Degrees of Motion) 1992

Do You Want It Right Now (music video for Degrees of Motion) 1992

A Dirty Cop Named Harry (music video for Hard Knox) 1992

Forever and Ever (music video for Robyn Springer) 1992

One to Grow on (music video for UMC's) 1992

Tennessee (music video for Arrested Development) 1992

Soho (short) 1991

Cassette (spot for Center for Foreign Languages) 1991

title sequence (for Apollo Theater tv show) 1991

If You're Serious (music video for Riff) 1991

title unknown (promotional video for Francesca Beghe) 1991

 Heaven Knows (promotional video for Francesca Beghe) 1991

 Kid Get Hyped (music video for Deskee) 1991

 Fever (music video for Way 2 Go) 1991

 Undercover (music video for Partners In Kryme) 1990

A Word to Mother (music video for Banji) 1990

You Don't Need This (spec spot for Amtrak) 1990

WMFM (short) 1990

Brooklyn Bridge (short) 1990

Black & Leather 2 (short) 1990

Black & Leather (short) 1990

Possession (7-min feature pilot) 1990

Industrial video (for Surgical Design) 1989

Macy's Christmas (promotional video) 1986

Hot Day in Mexico (music video for bastion!) 1985

Tough Granny (short) 1985

Aber dojde, Donke (music video for Leb i sol) 1983

Wavelength (music video for Leb i sol) 1983

Talasna duzina (for Leb i sol) 1983

Damar (music video for Leb i sol) 1983

Divine Comedy (short) 1982

untitled (short) (The Black Film) 1982

Beautiful Blue Danube (short) 1981

Paths of Glory (short) 1981

The Wire (short) 1981

The Tenant (short) 1981

untitled (short) 1980

Christianity 101 (short) 1980

Working Class Goes to Heaven (short) 1980

Wednesday Morning at Five O'clock as the Day Begins (short) 1980

untitled (short) (AKA Passport) 1980

untitled (short) (AKA Joke) 1978

Breakfast (short) (based on a poem by Jacques Prevert; co-directed by Aleksandar Grcev) 1978


Projects partially completed

Cut Time (uncompleted 30-minute documentary) 1990


Director only

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (TV) 2003

The Wire, (Game Day episode, Season 1, 60-min, HBO) 2002

Heaven (Krzysztof Kieslowski’s), 1999 (development)

From Potter’s Field (Patricia Cornwell’s), 1997 (development)

An Alan Smithee Film (A.K.A. Burn, Hollywood, Burn), 1997 (development)

Casualties of War (A.K.A. Three Kings), 1996 (development)

Perfect Murder (A.K.A. Dial M for Murder), 1996 (development)

Cut Time (documentary), 1990




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