Willow (2019)

The End of Time (2017)

Bikini 2013

Mothers (aka Like a Baby) 2010

Shadows (aka Bones) 2006

Dog Sweaters, with Love (feature documentary), 2004

No Remorse (based on Jean-Patrick Manchette's Petit bleu de la cote ouest) 2004

Delivering Adam (treatment) 2002

Jack and Jill (treatment) 2002

Screen Berets (treatment) 2002

Cell Phone (commercial, Japan) 2001

Homecoming (treatment) 2000

Before the Rain (1993, published by Slovo, Macedonia, 2002)

Dust (1995, published by Slovo, Macedonia, 2001)

Ceiling (unproduced synopsis) 1998

Skeleton Crew, 1996

Woof, 1992

The Roommate, 1991

Strangers in the Night (co-written with Nick Day), 1991

B/W (sitcom), 1991

Triptych (unproduced, unfinished synopses) 1991

Love Me Do (unproduced, a.k.a. Jingle Bang, Jingle Bang and Clowns) 1991

Going For It (unproduced, co-written with Joan Albert, based on an idea by Zoran Mladenovic) 1990

music video concepts 1990

Possession (partly produced - seven minutes) 1987

Mother Hunt (unproduced) 1985

The Experience (unproduced) 1985

Tough Granny (short, with Miloje Radakovic) 1985

How to Save The World [And Why] (unproduced; co-written with Aleksandar Grcev) 1984

Welcoming Bells (unproduced; co-written with Aleksandar Grcev) 1984

TV film (unproduced; co-written with Mirce Jovanovski; title unknown) 1984

Paris - Bitola - New York (unproduced) 1984

Mousaka (unproduced; AKA Puma) 1982

Divine Comedy (short) 1982

The Tenant (short) 1981

To Mom, with Hate (unproduced) 1981

Eye of The Beholder (unproduced) 1982

theatrical screenplay (unproduced, title unknown) 1981

Wednesday Morning at Five O’clock as the Day Begins (short) 1980

Working Class Goes to Heaven (short) 1980

Christianity 101 (documentary short) 1980

Untitled (short, A.K.A. Black Leader Film) 1980

Untitled (short, A.K.A. Passport) 1980

Breakfast (short, based on a poem by Jacques Prevert; with Aleksandar Grcev) 1978

Untitled (short, A.K.A. Joke) 1978

comedy TV series for TV Skopje (unproduced; co-authors, title and date unknown)




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