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“Painfully beautiful.”


“Daring, provocative, controversial.”

(Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

“Mothers opens up lines between documentary and fiction at the same time that it also blurs them. A special place in contemporary cinema.”

(Andrew Horton, Script)

“Manchevski gradually reveals the corruption and the failure of the Macedonian investigative and judicial system. *…+ Manchevski‘s esthetic experiment proves successful and confirms his extraordinary talent as a storyteller of images and moods, his skills in directing actors of every age and his ability to suggest hints instead of verifying theories”

(Giovanella Rendi,

“Mothers is a very strange film, sometimes sophisticated, poignant and often elliptical. One of the most interesting and original filmmakers of recent years. One of those authors who are not afraid to face the genres and to push the boundaries.”

(Diego Pierini, LoudVision)

“Mothers is an operation completely extraneous to the conceptual and aesthetic codes of contemporary cinema. Manchevski’s epic humanism finally returns.”


“Mothers debunks the notion that documentaries can tell the truth.”

(Virginia Wright Wexman, Off screen)

“Mothers is a film about moral courage.”

(Zitty Berlin)

“Stylistically provocative.”

(Connor McGrady, Brooklyn Rail)



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■  Canarias, Patricia Vidanes: La verdad es un lienzo que oscurece (in Spanish)

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■  Лик: Профили от филмовата карта на света (interview in Bulgarian)

■, Петя Славова: Измислицата е истина, прикрита в една лъжа (interview in Bulgarian)

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■ Blic, Tatjana Nježić: Milčo Mančevski, makedonski reditelj: Volim Balkan, ali ga ne idealizujem (interview in Serbian)

■ Politika, Ivan Aranđelović: "Majke" po starinski (in Serbian)

■ Политика, Дубравка Лакић: Уметност мора да има смисла, живот не (interview in Serbian)

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■ Diario de Sevilla, Manuel J. Lombardo: Macedonia: detrás de la noticia (in Spanish)

■ The Times of India, Gauree Malkamekar: It's easier in India, say foreign filmmakers





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