In 1.74 Manchevski mounted the stage, holding a 1.74m long piece of unexposed film. Then, 24 flashes went off almost simultaneously. Afterwards, he took the film to the projection booth and screened it. After the brief projection, he took the piece of film back to the stage, cut it up with scissors, and then stapled the pieces to about a hundred questionnaires. The questionnaires contained several questions, including, “Is film art?”, “Is this film art?”, “Is this piece of film art?”, “Is this questionnaire art?”, etc. these questionnaires, with the film strips stapled to them, were distributed to the audience.



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conceptualist manifesto  |  faces  |  1am  |  how to explain beuys' work  |  riddle  |  1.74  |  editing of the ghost of my mother  |  there  |  five drops of dream  |  street  |  thursday 2 (censored by facebook)  |  list of exhibitions & performances