The Ghost of My Mother (short book)

Published by:
Идентитети/Identities, 2002;
Tri (Macedonia) 2000;
Kulturen zivot (Macedonia) 1997

Exhibited at:
Conceptual Discourse in Macedonian Visual Arts
(8 artworks in a group show);
Museum of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, 2003

The Ghost of My Mother | Духот на мајка ми
The Editing of The Ghost of My Mother


Flight (short story)

 Published by:
 New American Writing 2002

 Flight |  Лет


Twelve Years Ago (short story)

Published by:
New American Writing 1998;
Margina (Macedonia) 1998;
Du-A-A, Split (Croatia) 1986;
Antologija makedonske kratke price (Serbia) 2002

 Twelve Years Ago | Пред дванаесет години | Pre dvanaest godina


Wishes (short story)

 Published by:
 New American Writing 1999;
 Forum (Macedonia) 1998

 Wishes | Желби


My Grandfather (short story)

 Published by:
 Идентитети/Identities, 2002

 My Grandfather | Дедо ми


Marcus' Portrait (short story)

 Published by:
 New American Writing, 2002

 Marcus' Portrait | Портретот на Маркус


Ceiling (film treatment), Nova Makedonija, 1998


allday (short story) 1977


Loneliness (short story) 1976


... and a number of unpublished pieces


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