Press on Kaymak

“[A] unique, tragi-comic experience” (Projektor/A Good Movie to Watch)

“A distinct directorial voice… the courage to be daring” (ODG Magazine)

“Erotic, satirical and sometimes hilarious” (Tomomi Katsuta, Hitocinema Mainichi)

“Masterful… one the rare contemporary artists in the world who passionately explore the human condition… a piece of art that transcends pure, unrestrained emotion that reaches deep” (Marina Kostova, SDK.MK)

“Masterful” (Sotir Trajkov, Telma TV)

“A cross-section of our today, a reflection in the mirror which should be unpleasant to behold; if we were we not vain and egocentric the reflection would have not disturbed us, a reflection which is neither idealized, nor banalized, but is rather merciless.” (Zlatko Gelevski, Videologija)


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Марина Костова: Три од карти

Оливера Ќорвезироска: Кајмакот на нашите зададени и загадени животи

Screen Daily: LevelK takes on Kaymak from Golden Lion winner Milcho Manchevski (exclusive)




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