Press on Dust


“Manchevski is a cubist of the silver screen.”

(The Globe and Mail)

“Rare visual intelligence.”

(Village Voice)

“A potent, assured and ambitious piece of filmmaking...There’s enough culture clash that Dust oesn’t need the equivalent of a Zen koan.”

(Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times)

“An extraordinary TransContinental, TransCentennial epic. Director Milcho Manchevski is a real original.”

(What’s On in London)

“Manchevski uses diverse characters and a fragmented narrative structure to create a mosaic in which the details of history are subjective, contradictory, and illusory, and recollections are repeatedly altered to suit the desires of the storytellers.”

(Roderick Coover, Film Quarterly)

“An investigation into the nature of storytelling, twisting and fracturing his narrative and using jarringly disjunctive images to pull the past and present into a Moebius strip of cruelty, retribution and hope of heaven.”

(Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide)

“High-end surreal western‛”




Scenes Journal Issue 2: Dust excerpt

The Globe and Mail, Victor Barac: Cubist of the Silver Screen

The New York Times, Elvis Mitchell: Gunfight at the Old Macedonian Corral (review)

The New York Times, Joan Dupont: In His Homeland, Filming War Is Itself a Battle...

TV Guide Online Review, Maitland McDonagh: Once Upon a Time in Macedonia (review)

The Guardian, Fiachra Gibbons: Come on. It'll be fun

Corriere della Sera: Un Western In Macedonia (in Italian) Dust Goes Fashion (in Italian)

Tex: Almanaco del West 2002 (in Italian)

Los Angeles Times, David Holley: Film Explores a Timeless 'Dust' Swirling in the Balkans

World Cinemas, Transnational Perspective, Frederic Jameson: Globalization and Hybridization

South-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs, Peter H. Matthiesen: Macedonia and European policy

World Literature Today, Keith Brown: Independence: Art & Activism / A Conversation With Milcho Manchevski

Film Quarterly, Roderic Coover: History in Dust (interview)

Dossier, Nancy Keefe Rhodes: Close Up: Milcho Manchevsky (interview)

P.O.V., Richard Raskin: On unhappy endings, politics and storytelling (interview)

Ciak, Paola Malanga: Due Cowboy nel Far East (in Italian)

Stopklatka, Maciej Andrzej Szydłowski: Surrealistyczny western wysokiej klasy (in Polish)




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