Press on Before the Rain


“One of the greatest debut feature films in the history of cinema”

(Annette Insdorf)

“One of the most important films of the decade”

(Ann Kibbey)

“Working in a sophisticated, elliptical style, mr. Manchevski brings to his film an overwhelming vision.”

(Janet Maslin, The New York Times)

“One of the best 1,000 movies ever made”

(The New York Times)

“Director Manchevski has made a debut so astonishingly assured in writing and technique he is guaranteed a footnote in movie history even if he never makes another movie. Before the rain is stunning. It is the sort of remarkable debut that reinstalls faith in the movies as genuine art.”

(Miami Herald)

“A brilliant directorial debut. Work like this keeps me going. A reminder of the nobility that film can attain.”

(Roger Ebert)

“Stunning, often hypnotic… almost has the impact of a masterpiece… shakes you up… coming seemingly out of nowhere, it’s a movie that seems somehow fully formed, unshakably confident, the work of a filmmaker alive and inventive in every shot he takes.”

(Chicago Tribune)

“Powerful and passionate... Its greatness rests in the timeless truths of its narrative... Some of the most luminous close-ups since ingmar bergman discovered color... Together, the filmmakers and performers create scenes of such emotional opacity that at times we seem to be reading tiny fluctuations of the soul.”

(Dallas Observer)

“Macedonian masterpiece”

(Los Angeles Reader)

“Master from Macedonia”

(Outlook Rave!)



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