The European University Institute in Florence, in April 1999 held an academic conference on
Before The Rain – One Film, Many Histories (

The papers were published in the journal
Rethinking History Volume 4 No. 2
(Content of Vol. 4 No.2)

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Fable as History: the Macedonian Context 1
by Victor A. Friedman

Before the Rain in a Balkan Context
by Dina Iordanova

Ethnic Nationalism and Globalization
by Robert Burgoyne



Landscape and Location: Reading Filmic Space
 by Ian Christie

Before the Rain – After the War?
by Erik Tangerstad

A History of What Has Not Yet Happened
by Robert A. Rosenstone

Rainmaking and Personal Truth
 by Milcho Manchevski

One Film – Many Histories: an Inquiry Into Before the
 (the synopsis of Before The Rain)