Milcho Manchevski is a New York-based film director, writer, photographer and artist. His latest films are the NY-based feature Bikini Moon and the first US-Cuban co-production, the short The End of Time. 

His film Before the Rain won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, FIPRESCI and Independent Spirit, along with 30 other awards, including an Oscar nomination; The New York Times included it on its “1,000 Best Films Ever Made” list. He won awards for his three other features (Dust, Shadows and Mothers), short film (Thursday), experimental film (1.73), music videos (MTV and Billboard for Tennessee) and commercials (Macedonia Timeless).  He also directed on HBO’s The Wire.  

His work has been distributed widely both at international film festivals (over 250) and commercially (more than 60 territories).  His films are part of the curricula at a number of universities.  

Manchevski has published books of fiction, essays and photographs.  He has also taught extensively, most notably as the Head of the graduate program’s Directing Department at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Russian state film school, VGIK, EICTV in Cuba and the Feirstein Graduate School at Brooklyn College. 

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