Bikini Moon


“The documentary inside of the fiction not only mixes two formal genres but also our perceptions.
“The result is invigorating because Bikini’s disoriented state is depicted by the use of every filmmaking tool available (from raw documentary to stylized fiction) and also because of the “implosion” of the character – leading to an unexpected appearance of a fantastic realism. It is not only our experience that`s being heightened, but also our connection to a woman with whom we plunge together into her own confusion.” *** (three stars out of four)

(Cine Resenhas)

“Disturbing, restless, sarcastic, seductive, unpredictable – it is impossible to remain indifferent to a figure like Bikini when she appears in the crowd.”

(Ccine 10)

“Documenting Bikini's life without judgment, and often in a frightening and fantastic way, requires extra effort from the cast. Bikini Moon features a "film within the film" structure that goes beyond the plot, with the aim of unpacking and examining the way humanity observes the world through media.”

(Rota Cult)

“A fake documentary which eloquently explores the boundaries of the use of social networks, spontaneous media, of the selfies, of I-shoot- therefore-I-exist. The movie initiates a dialogue about the broken families and the life of the homeless in America.”

(Felipe Brida, Cinema na Web)





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