“Shadows is a wonderful and intense film. It moves you, as if your blood aches; you’d cry for days.”

(Marina Kostova, Vest Daily)

“Shadows is a stunning and endlessly suspenseful erotic thriller. This must-see artistry by director Milcho Manchevski leaves a magnetic imprint on the moviegoer”

(Omar P.L. Moore, The Popcorn Reel Film Review)

“Call it a ‘ghost story’, but know that it feels more like Bergman or Polanski, or even Shakespeare – Macbeth and Hamlet come to mind. […] To live through these moments in this setting allows for an uncanny intimacy – a faceoff with personal fear that leads, strangely enough, to a celebration of life. Cinematographer Fabio Cianchetti generates this foreboding trajectory
visually through the use of double images, often reflections, broken spaces, the mirroring of each persona in another, and characters who either drop out of the frame mysteriously and just as suddenly reappear or, surprisingly, vanish before our very eyes. […] As for the director, if we view Lazar as a visionary not unlike the filmmaker himself, pursuing the artist’s journey, that journey is also an allegory of cinema when its task is to lead us to see – at whatever price – and to dream.”

(Diane Sippl, Cinema Without Borders)

“The film is an ambitious glimpse into the mind of a potential madman. Although certainly surreal, it keeps the audience invested in each of its character’s strange fates. Shadows’ style runs between hypnotic and frantic, which will surely set hearts racing. The film is unique in its ability to have a hand in multiple genres, horror, psychological thriller, and
also somehow, a love story, too. It is refreshing to see an uncensored, stripped-bare European film that embraces its lying, cheating antihero with such brutal clarity that most American films wouldn’t dare.”

(Michelle Foody, Hollywood Today)





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