“Mothers is a very strange film, sometimes sophisticated, poignant and often elliptical. […] One of the most interesting and original filmmakers of recent years [...] One of those authors who are not afraid to face the genres and to push the boundaries.”

(Diego Pierini, LoudVision)

“A provocative and innovative film from Macedonia that blurs the line between reality and fiction. An intensely engaging film, Mothers is not only a study on how reality is perceived and recorded, but also an examination of how women survive in a contemporary post-war culture.”


“Manchevski goes beyond the literal -- to explore a deeper realm where sexuality, motherhood and the art of storytelling reside in conflict. […] Mothers is a return to form for
filmmaker Milcho Manchevski.”

(The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“Mothers is an operation completely extraneous to the conceptual and aesthetic codes of contemporary cinema. […] Manchevski’s epic humanism finally returns.”


“Mothers is a devastatingly stark, yet ultimately compassionate portrait of mothers, violence and the state.”

(Amy Guggenheim)





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