“Painfully beautiful.”


“Mothers is a daring, provocative, controversial film that explores the deepest human emotions: love and fear, while searching for the truth in between the two. […] Mothers will not give you refuge from reality, but - on the contrary - it will make you look at reality and oneself with eyes wide open.”

(Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

“Mothers opens up lines between documentary and fiction at the same time that it also blurs them[…] Such moments give Manchevski’s film a special place in contemporary cinema that should be viewed by audiences around the world. […] Many scenes and moments that will stay with you long after viewing the film.”

(Andrew Horton, Script)

“Manchevski gradually reveals the corruption and the failure of the Macedonian investigative and judicial system. […] Manchevski‘s esthetic experiment proves successful
and confirms -- especially in the two fiction episodes -- his extraordinary talent as a storyteller of images and moods, his skills in directing actors of every age and his ability to suggest hints instead of verifying theories.”

(Giovanella Rendi,

“Mothers begins with fiction, indeed with the fabrication of a lie, moves on to an attempt at the fabrication of a myth and ends in the shattering imagery of the real, where no
fabrication is possible. […] There is no easy reading of Mothers, only a need for us to work with the filmmaker to uncover its many meanings.”

(Piers Handling, Toronto International Film Festival Director)





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