Bikini Moon


“A brilliant auteur film. Positioned on the delicate line between fiction and documentary, Bikini Moon is a modern, urban fairy tale, with a fascinating narrative, imposing itself as one of the best films of 2017, with the marvelous Condola Rashad.”

(Felipe Brida, Cinema na Web)

“Milcho, provocative as always, makes the most ingenious and tough comment on the information society. He (Manchevski) shows us how sick mass society is, with all
its facilities, its self-indulgence, comfort and impersonality.Through Manchevski’s lens we see a hypocritical and demagogical society, populated by the so-called good citizens full of “good
intentions” who are, in fact, automatized, absolutely neurotic and schizophrenic, living in a decadent society about to collapse.”

(O Que Tem na Nossa Estante)

“By leading us to the darkest corners of Bikini‘s psychological universe, the movie also takes us on a journey through the darkness of the collective psyche of our society. Manchevski makes an acathartic film that aims to deconstruct the overall solid structure of the social model and the ideological discourse sustained by this status quo; he invades the privacy, dilutes the self, tears down the private spaces in order to question with such ease, “everything that is solid, dismantles into air.” Or better: it dissolves itself like an acid trip.
His work is lysergic and provocative, sarcastic and ironic, it flirts with the surrealism in order to portray the reality in a form that no other documentary manages to do so well. The film’s tagline is “a documentary about a fairy tale.” It is not even a documentary, not even a pseudo-documentary (mockumentary); it is a fiction movie about a documentary, which is about a team of documentarians, who are filming the reality, which turns into a freaked out urban modern fairy tale.”

(O Que Tem na Nossa Estante)





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