Before the rain


“Powerful and passionate... Its greatness rests in the timeless truths of its narrative... Some of the most luminous close-ups since Ingmar Bergman discovered color... Together, the filmmakers and performers create scenes of such emotional opacity that at times we seem to be reading tiny fluctuations of the soul.”

(Dallas Observer)

“His unique blend of experimentation, poetry, emotion and a demand for the active participation of the viewer in the construction of meaning are highly praised.”

(Conor McGrady)

“Filled with passion, blood and urgency... Bold, hard-hitting, grandly arched, yet intimate and immediate.”

(Boston Globe)

“Eerily beautiful film... Stunning... Meaningless death can be transformed into meaningful art.”

(Richard Schickel, Time Magazine)

“Macedonian masterpiece”

(Los Angeles Reader)

“Master from Macedonia”

(Outlook Rave!)

“High calorie visual feast.”

(Max Alexander, Variety)





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