Press on Willow
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Press Quotes: Willow

“Three stories masterfully connected.”

Cinecitta News

“The return of Milcho Manchevski, master of cinema.”

Sentieri Selvaggi

“A great Macedonian film story powerfully emerges […] Direction that is intimate and meticulous […] A mythological narrative between the fairy tale and the raw realism, with Love as the only solution to ancestral curses. […] On a structural level, Willow has a very strong impact. […] Profoundly respectful of life, strong women and fragile men.“


■ The complex folding of time highlights stratified and fragmented flashes of life, moments that are forgotten, non-expressible, buried deep inside the memory, or are legendary, moments that reflect the loop of destiny.

Watching Manchevski's movies is like walking on M.C. Escher's staircase, seemingly going upward but going downward while walking.

The breath-taking photography, beautiful music and magical-realistic ambience make the audience forgot the time sequence and walk into the seemingly illogical narrative.

Yang Yuan-ling, critic

“Speaks to the heart. […] Brilliant performances.”