Press on Willow
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Press Quotes: Willow

■ “Subtle, profound […] Three stories of Macedonian motherhood echo across eras in Milcho Manchevski powerful, evocative, beautifully played drama.“


■ “A multi-layered fictional exploration of fertility and infertility […] Haunting and at times heartrending, Willow is exactly the kind of filmic poetry we can expect from Golden Lion winner and Academy Award nominee Milcho Manchevski.“

Dan MacCannell

■ “Sophisticated structure [...] A highly consistent masterpiece inside-out.“

Chen, Douban Movies

■ “Sophisticated structure [...] A highly consistent masterpiece inside-out.“

Chen, Douban Movies

■ “One of those films that feels casual when you watch it, but digs deep and remains, both poignant and profound […] appealing storytelling […] extraordinarily affecting.“

Screen International

“The complexity of this apparently simple film is how one story flows into the next, illuminating it in unexpected ways […] superbly atmospheric camerawork and a confident command of the camera […] dazzling […] sensual.“

Hollywood Reporter

"Manchevski masterfully weaves the threads of the three stories together. [...] Visually, this is a lush film.”


“Magical vision of the past whose fragments remain entangled in the present. […] An expert eye for photography.”

Il Manifesto

“A beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking film. The delicate narrative structure and profound motifs touch the audience’s souls.“

You-chien Huang