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Press Quotes: Willow

”A film of bewitching visual beauty paying homage to Flemish and medieval paintings; cinematographically to Tarkovski, Bergman and Kieslowski. The latter is also an inspiration for the dramaturgy of this film. There is indeed all the existential and ethical conflict of Kieslowski's films and a persistent dimension of sacredness reminiscent of the Decalogue. […] Cinema imbued with magical realism and visual strength, really a pleasant surprise and a welcome return. It is a return in great style, with a stratified but not complicated work, which deals with great themes by inserting them in a tripartite, fluid and interconnected narration. […] Willow is a film of women, motherhood and female fragility, punctuated by the charm of the cyclical nature of human fate and the immutability of human emotions in distant times and places.”

Re-Movies, Corrine Vosa

“The bewilderment caused by the surge of emotions that will undoubtedly overcome you during the film and, especially, after the end credits – which will not be long enough for you to sort out your impressions and to close the cracks in your emotional armour – is probably the biggest compliment for the master of moving images whose film brings back empathy to the emotionally devastated Macedonia in a big way.”

Toni Cifrovski, Macedonian Radio

“The script keeps you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last minute of the film which develops in front of your eyes with lightning speed. […] Manchevski weaves it perfectly. […] As if Willow wants to say that the way of honesty is the means for people to cut the knot of social decadence which we repeatedly reproduce. And Manchevski is not afraid to show this. […] Manchevski has created a film which – in addition to the universal message – also sends an intimately Macedonian one. […] The film will not leave anyone indifferent. It seems as if the Macedonian film master wanted for the viewers to feel physical pain while watching his new work. But, finally, after the film ends, there is a sense of liberation when you realize that you can’t cheat life.”

Daniel Evrosimoski, Radio MOF

“Milcho wrote and shot a story about us. The director masterfully manages (without imposing judgment, thoughts or ideas about our past and present) to give a cinematic reflection of that thing we carry inside and which we cannot escape. Whether you like that or not – is another matter altogether. [...] Stories connected in a wondrous way. […] A new chapter for male characters from our parts: the man (from these parts) can burn and suffer internally for offspring in a way that is more insane and less rational than the woman! […] Excellent acting without an exception, and a plethora of emotions. […] The risk which Milcho took with the actors was not a risk at all; it was faith, love and professionalism. Most of all – it was directorial understanding of the cinematic possibilities and tools. […] A film which can be read, understood, seen and felt in many (different) ways because of its wealth of layers.”

Sinolicka Trpkova


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