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Press Quotes: Willow

“Milcho Manchevski returns, his gaze has become more universal and comprehensive.”

Asbury Movies

“Profound meaning”



Katerina Kolozova

“A narrative weave of one willow tree and three women. […] Emotionally turbulent, quiet as a prayer. A film that gives a humane and humble answer to the 21st century reproductive debates. [...] A genius span of emotions. […] Firmness of character, emotional fragility and a mother figure that leaves no one indifferent. [...] Willowis a victory for all women.”

Ivana Smilevska, Radio MOF

“A film that awakens empathy even in the coldest heart in the audience. After watching Willow you don’t feel like talking right away. As if you need to let silence overcome you and plunge deep inside you. [...] Our spiritual treasure.“

Srebra Gjorgjievska,

“Willow squeezes our heart. And it reminds us of the things that matter, the ones close to home. […] Weeping willow. Weeping Macedonia.”

Ilina Jakimovska, Bookbox

“Brilliant […] It leaves a lump in your throat, silences you in spite of the happy ending. [...] Being an excellent storyteller, Manchevski plays with time using the elliptical structure of narration again in Willow. With incredible ease the story leaps over centuries, moves from countryside to the city, from myth to reality. [...] Visual complexity [...] Willow looks like a new beginning, a new phase in the complex artistic exploration and experimentation – and perhaps it is precisely this excitement that is the happy ending.”

Marina Kostova, Sakam da kazam


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