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Press Quotes: Willow

“A magnificent film, with a narrative pulse that intelligently rations tension, enhances uncertainty and presents a gallery of well-defined characters… extremely interesting... It is a tough, tragic film with a script that plays with coincidences and connections… Sprinkled with brushstrokes of well-constructed humor.” Rafa Rodriguez Gimeno

“Brilliant... Perfectly balanced... A film of asymmetric connections in which the protagonists must deal with a personal search to control their own bodies and respond to the social pressures assigned to their gender… Great sensitivity and respect for its protagonists” Pablo Alberola

“Manchevski's film defies the conventions of linear narrative… Three very different stories architecturally… Manchevski has built three powerful female characters full of nuances, which invites a permanent rereading or rediscovery of what they represent.” G. Leon

“Manchevski masterfully intertwines the three stories, through recurring themes and situations, as well as small clues that the viewer can interpret for himself…Considered a very meticulous director with a tendency towards perfectionism, Manchevski speaks with precise, intricate ideas and clear knowledge what territories his camera is exploring” Culturplaza

“Superbly directed… Willow is one of those movies that stay with you when you leave the room.” Apositivar

“Magical vision of the past whose fragments remain entangled in the present. […] An expert eye for photography.”

Il Manifesto

“A beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking film. The delicate narrative structure and profound motifs touch the audience’s souls.“

You-chien Huang


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