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Press Quotes: Willow

■ “One of those films that feels casual when you watch it, but digs deep and remains, both poignant and profound […] appealing storytelling […] extraordinarily affecting.“

Screen International

“The complexity of this apparently simple film is how one story flows into the next, illuminating it in unexpected ways […] superbly atmospheric camerawork and a confident command of the camera […] dazzling […] sensual.“

Hollywood Reporter

"Manchevski masterfully weaves the threads of the three stories together. [...] Visually, this is a lush film.”


“Magical vision of the past whose fragments remain entangled in the present. […] An expert eye for photography.”

Il Manifesto

“A beautiful, poetic, thought-provoking film. The delicate narrative structure and profound motifs touch the audience’s souls.“

You-chien Huang

”A film of bewitching visual beauty paying homage to Flemish and medieval paintings; cinematographically to Tarkovski, Bergman and Kieslowski. The latter is also an inspiration for the dramaturgy of this film. There is indeed all the existential and ethical conflict of Kieslowski's films and a persistent dimension of sacredness reminiscent of the Decalogue. […] Cinema imbued with magical realism and visual strength, really a pleasant surprise and a welcome return. It is a return in great style, with a stratified but not complicated work, which deals with great themes by inserting them in a tripartite, fluid and interconnected narration. […] Willow is a film of women, motherhood and female fragility, punctuated by the charm of the cyclical nature of human fate and the immutability of human emotions in distant times and places.”

Re-Movies, Corrine Vosa


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