Fakin' the Funk (music video for Main Source) 1992 (from the soundtrack of the film White Men Can't Jump)

Shine on (music video for Degrees of Motion) 1992

Do You Want It Right Now (music video for Degrees of Motion) 1992

A Dirty Cop Named Harry (music video for Hard Knox) 1992

Forever and Ever (music video for Robyn Springer) 1992

One to Grow on (music video for UMC's) 1992

Tennessee (music video for Arrested Development) 1992

Soho (short) 1991

Cassette (spot for Center for Foreign Languages) 1991

title sequence (for Apollo Theater tv show) 1991

If You're Serious (music video for Riff) 1991

title unknown (promotional video for Francesca Beghe) 1991

 Heaven Knows (promotional video for Francesca Beghe) 1991

 Kid Get Hyped (music video for Deskee) 1991

 Fever (music video for Way 2 Go) 1991

 Undercover (music video for Partners In Kryme) 1990


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