Press on Shadows
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■ The New York Times, Stephen Holden: Haunted in Macedonia, With a Wolf at the Door

Moving Pictures Magazine, Milcho Manchevski: Living Within "Shadows"

Hollywood Today, Michelle Foody: Original Horror Twist Lurks in the Heart of "Shadows"

Stylus Magazine, Nancy Keefe Rhodes: Shadows (review)

Stylus Magazine, Nancy Keefe Rhodes: An interview with Milcho Manchevski

Vest, Marina Kostova: Feat Eats the Soul

Вест, Марина Костова: Стравот ја разјадува душата (in Macedonian)

Salon, Andrew O'Hehir: Movies Not to Miss

The Popcorn Reel: Sex, Death, Eroticism And Psychological Horror Amidst "Shadows"

Mediteran, Stjepan Hundić: Umjetnost se vulgarizira kad se tretira kao političko oružje (in Croatian)

Stjepan Hundić: Hollywood nema dušu (in Croatian)

J.B. Spins, Joe Bendel: Manchevski's Shadows

Critic's Notebook, Robert Levin: Life's But a Walking Shadow

The NYC Movie Guru: "Shadows"


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