Press on Dust
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The Globe and Mail, Victor Barac: Cubist of the Silver Screen

The New York Times, Elvis Mitchell: Gunfight at the Old Macedonian Corral (review)

The New York Times, Joan Dupont: In His Homeland, Filming War Is Itself a Battle...

TV Guide Online Review, Maitland McDonagh: Once Upon a Time in Macedonia (review)

The Guardian, Fiachra Gibbons: Come on. It'll be fun

Corriere della Sera: Un Western In Macedonia (in Italian) Dust Goes Fashion (in Italian)

Tex: Almanaco del West 2002 (in Italian)

Los Angeles Times, David Holley: Film Explores a Timeless 'Dust' Swirling in the Balkans

World Cinemas, Transnational Perspective, Frederic Jameson: Globalization and Hybridization

South-East Europe Review for Labour and Social Affairs, Peter H. Matthiesen: Macedonia and European policy

World Literature Today, Keith Brown: Independence: Art & Activism / A Conversation With Milcho Manchevski

Film Quarterly, Roderic Coover: History in Dust (interview)


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