Before the Rain was released theatrically in 1994, and on DVD in the US by the Criterion Collection in June, 2008

Aim Productions, Noe Productions & Vardar Film
with the participation of British Screen and the European Coproduction Fund (UK)
in association with Polygram Audiovisuel & The Ministry of Culture for the Republic of Macedonia

Written And Directed By Milcho Manchevski

Katrin Cartlidge
Rade Serbedzija
Gregoire Colin
Labina Mitevska

Casting Directors
Moni Damevski
Liora Reich

Production Designers
Sharon Lomofsky
David Munns

Music Composed By Anastasia

Director Of Photography Manuel Teran

Edited By Nicolas Gaster

Co-Produced By

Frederique Dumas - Zajdela
Marc Baschet
Gorjan Tozija for Vardar Film

Produced By
Judy Counihan
Cedomir Colar
Sam Taylor
Cat Villiers

Associate producers 
Sheila Fraser Milne
David Redman

Line producers 
Paul Sarony
Chris Thompson



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