Essays on Before the Rain
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Annette Insdorf: Misdirection/ Visual Narration (excerpt from Cinematic Overtures)

Angelina Ilieva: Before the Rain – Gaze

Danica Jenkins: Cinema opens a dialogue about coming to terms with Balkans’ past

Rod Dreher: Multiculturalism And Modernity

Raquel Wandelli: Durante as guerras, depois da história, antes da chuva. Cinema hipertextual (in Portuguese)

Ian Christie: Never-Ending Story

Erik Tängerstad: After the War? A Historical Reflection on the Film Before the Rain

Keith Brown: Macedonian Culture and its Audiences: An Analysis of Before the Rain

Ann Kibbey: Montage and the Semiotics of Credibility: An Analysis of Before the Rain

Sean Homer: Nationalism, Ideology and Balkan Cinema: Re-reading Kusturica's Underground

Erik Tängerstad: Violence - Visualised and Viewed: An Exertion on the Films Before the Rain and Dust

Katarzyna Marciniak: Transnational Anatomies of Exile and Abjection in Milcho Manchevski's Before the Rain

Michèle Bacholle: Pushing the Limits of Autobiography: Schizophrenia in the Works of Farida Belghoul, Agota Kristof and Milcho Manchevski

Antonio Monegal: Aporias of the War Story

Thomas Woodard: Living/Reliving - Before The Rain

Irena Makarushka: Religion, Ethnicity and Violence in Before the Rain

Marta Soria and Pablo Arnau: Análisis Estético Y Ético De Una Película (Ejemplo de película analizada: Before the Rain de Manchevsky) (in Spanish)

Alicia Naput: La Tragedia En Elcine (in Spanish)

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