"Working with the ad hoc collective 1 AM which he founded, individual or collaborative pieces drew upon Dada, structuralism and conceptualism to push the boundaries of art. Some of these works, including Beard/Polaroids were created while he was attending film school in Carbondale, Illinois, and later exhibited and performed in Macedonia and multiple venues across the former Yugoslavia. Other early works created in Carbondale include three single shot experimental films. One of these, the Untitled Film, features a black screen with a voice over, and references the desire to make an original work in film, given that all other approaches had seemingly been tried. Manchevski refers to this piece in Text of the Untitled Film, which formed part of an extensive 1 AM performance. Another of these films, The Wire, involved a tracking steady cam shot, ending in an attic with the shadow of the cameraman and the wire attached to the camera. Paths of Glory involved a single take of a slacker drinking on a porch to the soundtrack of “Act Naturally” by the Beatles. The film ends with the film stuck in the projector."


(From Time, Narrative and Representation: Milcho Manchevski’s Photographic Work by Conor McGrady)








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