"Returning to Skopje after film school, Manchevski created a number of collaborative 1 AM events, performances and screenings, which the collective referred to as 'appearance art'. In one event in Skopje on December 10th, 1983, The Members of the Group 1 AM Will Perform a Presentation, multiple actions and screenings took place over the course of the evening. A List of Performance Elements of the Group 1 AM was read out, followed by a reading of the Conceptualist Manifesto, which consisted of its title followed by 23 signatures. In other parts of the event the audience watched an ice cube melting, and art works installed to face the wall were turned to face the audience. In Cyril and Methodius Blues, two members of the collective sang an overlapping recital of the Cyrillic alphabet. In Elements for Interpreting the Performances of the Group 1 AM, the group listed everything the performance was not; 'The performance by the group 1 AM is not: a conceptualist piece, a happening, a performance piece, body art, a structuralist piece, GASP-art, a minimalistic piece, mail art, an environmental piece, camp-art, Dadaism.' This text elaborated further, stating that, 'To evaluate an art piece on a regular basis means to fail to cognize the new, as evaluating means viewing through tradition.'"


(From Time, Narrative and Representation: Milcho Manchevski’s Photographic Work by Conor McGrady)

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